Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Apps for mobile devices available for gaming licens

When you go to buy your 2014 fishing license you can expect a faster experience that gets you in and out quicker than what we've been used to in the past.
A new mobile app is also available for licenses that don't require tags. Along with these changes come some increases in license fees.
These are earmarked strictly for the DNR and will not go into the state's general fund. "That's key to all of this," Ken Neeley owner of K.D. Outdoors said.
"So far, I haven't heard any complaints about the new fee structure. But I'm sure there will be some."
Some licenses-fishing is one example-have been combined into one, all-species tag. There are others that have been constructed in similar fashion.
Increases in fees will go toward habitat improvement; ORV trails, better habitat for rabbits, and the beginnings of hopefully, a pheasant program.
Some money will be earmarked for fishery improvement. "Another element here is it allows the DNR to hire more conservation officers," Neeley said. "We really need more of them," he added.
For more information visit www.michigan.gov/dnr and click on the hunting and fishing structure.

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