Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beat the winter-Paul Biedieger did

Many northerners, Michiganders among them, choose to head someplace where it's warm over the winter months. This past year, if you were one of the "snow bird set" you would have missed the November 15 deer opener if you were Florida bound.
                                         (Paul Biedieger in action during last year's KBF tournament)

That's because snow and cold weather actually set in late in October and hasn't quite given up it's grip on us yet although warmer weather is beginning to be predicted.
Wolverine Lake resident Paul Biedieger is one of those that headed south, specifically to South Carolina. Not so much to get out of the snow and cold but to fish in the second annual Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament. You might say he wanted to open the bass season a little early.
Biedieger fished the same tournament last year but under a different format requiring him to qualify before getting into the big show or final day. He not only qualified but finished quite well considering it was his first such tournament.
His performance also got him a spot in this year's tournament on Santee Cooper Reservoir near Cross, South Carolina.
Boats and anglers from all around the country participated this year. They had great weather along with really good fishing.
"I caught at least 14 good fish each day and threw that many or more back," Biedieger wrote. Now if the ice would thaw, warm rains would move in and temperatures would move up those of us that fish or just paddle for the sake of getting out, could begin to enjoy local waters once again.
Sooner or later, it's bound to happen here. Fishing may be set back a little, but in no time we'll be wetting lines and trying out those new baits we've acquired over the winter.

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