Friday, March 28, 2014

Iffy ice can bring on those spawners

I wouldn't go out on the ice the rest of the year, at least until next winters freeze  up. Some reports say there are two feet of good ice left. I don't want to be the one to test it.
Last year, at am annual fun fishing outing I went through in deep water. Fortunately for me it was a whole someone had cut. Blowing snow covered it so I didn't see it until my leg went through to my waist.
Scrambling around trying to get some purchase on the slick ice to pull myself back out, my fishing companions didn't hear me shouting for help and they weren't a great distance away. My days fishing ended back at the cabin in front of the stove trying to get dried out.
This Sunday you'll read about Paul Biedieger from Wolverine lake who gave up ice fishing, hooked his trailer to his tow vehicle and pulled his kayak to South Carolina to fish in the second Kayak Bass Fishing tournament.
Even then, in 60-plus degree weather, he managed to get wet when an unexpected visitor came aboard his Hobie Mirage kayak.
Read all about it in my column this Sunday. (photo is of Chris LeMessurier with a nice salmon in warmer times.)

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