Thursday, May 29, 2014

A cup of coffee isn't free, but fishing is this weekend

Free Fishing Weekend is June 7-8. There is no cost for state residents or non-residents to fish those two days. However, all fishing regulations apply.
There is a second Free Fishing Weekend in the winter for the ice fishing crowd. Either weekend is a good chance to test the water, if you will, but for people who have never fished, they can give it a go without investing a lot of money.
If you don't own a boat, no problem. Fish from one of the many piers scattered around the state, or closer to home and right here in Oakland County, try some bank angling.
A lot of the people you see in boats will target shores to make casts to with the idea fish will ambush bait from the cover of banks.
Keep costs down by borrowing equipment from a friend or relative that fishes. Or if you decide to take the plunge and invest in equipment, visit a good bait shop like KD Outdoors in Waterford.
They'll give you good advice on what you need to get started with while not breaking the bank.
Speaking of borrowing gear a neighbor, mention you're interested in seeing what fishing is all about. Fishermen are normally a gregarious bunch and usually are only too happy to take a newbie out and show them the ropes.
If shore or pier fishing is as far as you get, remember to wear a life jacket or PFD. You may be able to see bottom from either place, but it's probably deeper than you think and could drop off fast.
Be safe, have fun, and give fishing a try.

Photo courtesy of DNR

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