Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't forget to fly your flag at half staff this weekene

Not only is it proper flag etiquette to fly the American flag at half staff during the Memorial Day weekend, it's a good reminder to all who pass by why we celebrate the day.
Memorial Day means just what those words imply, a memorial or memory to honor those who have died defending during times of war.
Without their individual sacrifices we may not be able to enjoy the boating pleasure, picnics, grilling outdoors, up north travel and all other activities we take for granted.
My wife and I visited the beaches where the Normandy invasion took place during WWII. I kept telling her and my son Matt that if we hadn't gotten up those hills and through the sand to the well-built German gun posts, we all could be speaking German today.
After all, they had the advantage, defending the high ground, making it relatively easy to throw our troops back into the sea by way of devastating fire.
Not until some foot soldiers were able to make higher ground to continue the fight on a somewhat even playing field, did the tide begin to turn. By that time, many Americans lie mortality wounded on the beach and in the water around Normandy.
Some of us will visit a cemetery where a loved one lies in perpetuity. Graves are usually tended and flowers or small American flags placed near headstones.
There are still a few parades left, usually in smaller towns, to celebrate or remember the occasion.  Whatever is your tradition, take a moment to remember those that have gone before, especially in defense of our country.

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