Sunday, May 18, 2014

Complaints about the weather common this year

From golfers to boaters and everyone in between the cold weather this time of year is on everyone's mind.
My fishing pal, Glenn Uhl called last week to give me an update of blue gill fishing. Normally, this time of year, Uhl can be found wading and casting to beds for those nice, slab gills. Not this year.
"I was out earlier today and caught a few," Uhl recently said. "I think they are beginning to move in."
The news has been different for walleye and bass anglers on Lakes Erie and St. Clair. Walleye pro Mark Sak has been catching some nice fish. So have the Walleye-101 crowd with Lance Valentine fishing out of Huron, Ohio.
One of Valentine's staff, Duncan "Dunc" Wooster reports fishing has been good. Both Sak and Woostser have been catching eyes in the 8-10 pound range.
Locally, bug hatches haven't been what they normally were this time of year. Fly anglers have been finding slow action on both the Clinton River and Paint Creek.
Longtime river guide, Kip Lowrie seems to be be able to connect on either body of water regardless of the weather.
Lowrie wrote me this weekend to thank me for the story about him and these two rives which appeared in Sunday's Oakland Press.
"Thanks for the great story," his email began. "The email should be,  The correct web addresses are KMF or woodlandrivers.Com."
Sorry for any inconvenience these updates have caused anyone.
For other information contact Lowrie via his cell at (734) 276-5646.

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