Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Boots, Camo, and Hunters Orange Signal Fall Seasons

The true angler still has the boat on the trailer or tied up to the dock ready to get out for another go at the fish.
But some have put fishing on hold to take up fall hunting. Small game; rabbits, squirrels, turkey, waterfowl, and upland birds are some of the hunting to be had. Some of seasons are open while others will soon follow. Check the hunters guide for details or read my column this Sunday in The Oakland Press.
Anyone hunting with a gun by now should have taken it out of the case, check that it is unloaded and run a brush and cloth with a little oil down the barrel.
Likewise, a light coating of oil on the outside of the long gun will do wonders to keep it in good shape. Be sure the action works smoothly. If not give it a slight squirt of good gun oil and try again. If it's still not operating good, get it to a gunsmith.
It would hurt to shoot a few rounds through it before hitting the field. Pontiac Lake range is open and Oakland County Sportsmens Club invites the public to tune up on their range.
In any event, all of these things, cleaning the gun, working the action and taking it to the range, help remind us to be safe in the field. Be safe and enjoy the fall.
Hunter and four-legged friend enjoy some bird hunting. Photo courtesy of the DNR.

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