Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall is Definitely in the Air

Whether we have officially arrived at the first day of fall isn't important to tell fall has arrived. (The first day of "autumn is Sept., 23.)
What is important are the signs that are being shown to us that the weather is changing. Sundown occurs sooner, cutting the length of daylight slightly more each day.
A big indicator to me is the sour cherry tree in our front year has started shedding leaves. There are probably other tree species that are beginning to lose their leaves, but because this one is right here at home, I notice it when it begins.
The other factor I've noticed is the lack of birds singing. From very early dawn-before early light-they  can be heard chattering and singing.
This pleasant sound is around all summer as sort of background music that accompanies us whatever we are doing outside.
Although for the most part the birds aren't singing, there are more of them feeding. Hummingbirds especially are plentiful around the few remaining flowers we have with the color red in them.
All summer long, one hummer shows up to feed either on it's feeder or the Baltimore Oriole feeder. Now there are as many as a dozen or more scrapping for a turn at flowers that are losing their bloom.
Both females and males are present often attacking each other at the feeder, on tree limbs or phone wires, and even in the air. Hummingbirds are known to be very territorial.
Check out my column this Sunday in the sports section of the Oakland Press for other changes signaling the arrival of fall.

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