Friday, October 9, 2015

Hunting Safely

Hunting from a tree stand isn't the sort of activity you should take lightly. This is not the place or time to cut corners.
I've bow hunted from a stand some 40-feet in the air. It was referred to the "high rise" stand because it was so high.
Crude steps had been placed along the trunk. A short-legged guy like me had trouble going up and down due to the unusually large distance apart the steps were positioned.
Once I made the stand proper it was a dizzying look back down to the ground. Between forks in the tree, a couple of 2x6's had been nailed to sit on.
Add to the height, lack of back support and long steps, the wind was blowing so hard it made the tree sway back and forth to the point I thought it might crack or break.
And along towards dark, I had to climb down. This all happened many years ago before climbing harnesses had been thought of and fastening steps into trees on state land was illegal. In fact, you hauled your bow and arrows up either on your back or with one arm through the bow string so could could climb up and down.
Today, I would never think of hunting in that fashion. I'm older and like to think a little wiser and a lot more safety conscious.
In fact, these days, I stay on the ground, hunting from a ground blind or natural break in the forest. You don't need to be 100 feet in the air. If you hunt from a tree, 15-feet is plenty.
At that height, should you fall you can still be hurt seriously if not, much worse. Unless you have practiced shooting from some kind of height, stay on the ground.
There's too much that can go wrong when you are swinging in the air with a bunch of razor tip arrows   either on you or hanging in a manner to hurt you. Stay safe.

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