Friday, October 2, 2015

Salmon trip interrupted-Injury to wife

I've packed and re-packed for my fall salmon trip. This year I thought for sure it would happen. In the past, we've been out of the country visiting our children and grandchildren. But this year we were free.
My original trip; the one I thought I would be taking part in didn't happen for me. Some others made it. I don't know of they had any success or not.
Then another chance came up. I had to cancel practically the last minute as wife was seriously injured in a bad fall she had.
When all was said and done, we found she had broken three bones in her wrist. The left side of her face and chest are black and blue but turning hello.
She's pretty incapacitated, requiring me to care for her. So my next move with salmon gear will be to stow it for another year.
As she gets stronger, I plan on getting in some fall fishing here in Oakland County. Sometimes things don't work out as we think they might, even after careful planning. Such is life.
My wife Pat in the emergency room. I don't know how she cold smile.

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