Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Take a Hike

The next time someone tells you to take a hike, do it! Just be aware of the time of year you decide to take that walk.
With the firearms deer opener coming up beginning November 15, it would be a good idea to follow North Country Trail thru hiker and backpacker Luke Jordan's advice.
"I stay out of the woods during deer season," Jordan whose trail name is Strider, said. Staying off the trails during the time hunters are in the woods makes good sense.
Some hunters mistake movement for a deer approaching. Whether they see what that movement is or not doesn't make any difference to some. They shoot at the sound. Sometimes that sound is a human, even another hunter passing nearby.
Another factor is what you are wearing in the woods. Anything with white on it is going to attack hunter attention due to the white on a whitetail deer.
Nearby mountain bike trails in the Holly Recreation Area are posted with warnings about hunters in the woods this time of the year.
Your best bet is to stay home to ride and walk another day. There are still plenty good days left even after hunters have left the woods.
Luke "Strider" Jordan pauses along the trail.

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