Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seasons and controversy

Besides all of the activites we have available to us in the fall, there invariably are controverseries.
This year is no exception. How many deer should a hunter be allowed to take? Each year it seems we hear different numbers.
People say they have 12 in the freezer and still have two tags. Others (like me) are struggling to get one tag- a doe-filled. If you have a farm or access to one, depending on where it's located, it seems there is a never ending supply of tags.
Then there is the equipment used to hunt with. This year you are either in the camp supporting cross bows or the one that opposes it.
Yes, it probably opens hunting up to more people. But so did compounds. How many accidents will there be with misfires-those accidentally touched off by an itchiy finger-or when the bow is being loaded or cocked?
That remains to be seen. Be assured that we will come out of this season a lot more wiser as to how to handle the newest hunting implement on the market.
Then there are those of us who hunt hard and never see a deer including baldies or racks. (Put me in there too!) But the DNR and others claim deer populations continue to be at an all-time high making it necessary to thin the herd out.
Besides private property I'd like to know where these deer are being seen. I'll be there to take a stand and try my luck once I know where to set up.
Be safe in the woods. Good luck!

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  1. Chris Dernay10/19/09, 11:59 AM

    I would love to hunt with a crossbow if I had one.