Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bow huntint

Driving down the road the other day, it was getting on toward evening when I noticed a garage door open.
As I got nearer, I could see a nice deer hanging. That brings back a lot of memories and what fall means to many of us that hunt.
Having said that, I havne't set foot in the woods yet. And it looks like I might get shut out at least for the early bow season.
Just too much to do work wise and honey-do. But they say we should all take some time and smell the roses. I preach that from time to time, and should follow my own directions.
Heaven knows, I've been the recipient of those warnings to slow down some, live and enjoy life.
But here I go still at a good clip trying to get all I can cram into one single day or minutes of it.
Next week, it all goes well, I'll head to Muskego for a night walleye bite with walleye pro Mark Martin.
He cut his teeth on fishing the night for these fish. Working in a maching shop on the west side of Michigan, he was unknown until he started putting fish in the live well, after perfecting his method.
\The rest as they say is history. Today he fishes the AIM pro circuit, hosts a couple of schools, is a gifted seminar speaker and has authored a couple of books.
Imagine, trading in night fishing to become a successful fisherman-one that makes a living out of it. Pretty good stuff!

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