Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This weeks column deals with MSU's fishing club and it's recent Beg Ten Fishing Classic on Lake St. Clair which they won. This is their second Championship win.
Ohio State was supposed to compete and hold the Tournament but dropped out. That left coach Frank Lepera in a lurch trying to host the tournament on short notice.
He called and asked if I could get something into the paper requestiong boaters volunteer to take anglers out on the practice day and tournament day.
Lepera says the response to his cry for help was fantastic. That many of you boaters called to say ou would help. That's what this all about, helping each other. Outdoors people seem to pretty good at it.
Just don't aske them for a good fishing or hunting spot. Just kidding about that. But it's true. No one will reveal secret honey holes or deer runs.
Sometimes putting our own lives on the back burner momentarily to reach out and help others can be a very satisfying thing.
I would suspect that is so in this case. Again thanks to all of you who continue to read and to respond.

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