Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The hot topic this past week has been the discovery of a deer floating in the Clinton River, minhus it's head. About all that was left besides the carcass was an arrow, no doubt used to shoot the animal.
The fact that this happened on or near private property and a nature preserve in Oakland County is bad enough. That it happened at all is uncounsciale. "It's a sin," my late grandmother Minnie Frank would have no doubt said.
DNR officials aren't aware of any large scale poaching going on in the nearby area. But like good lawenforcement people, if they were and had an ivestigation on-going, they probably wouldn't be talking about it until persons responsible had been taken into custody.
You wonder what kind of people do these things. I still think it has a lot to dfo with how we are raising kids today. There is a lot of lack of respect in today's world. In this case it translates to having respect enough to buy a license, hunt in season, and properly take care of the game you take.
Like the saying goes, "It's what you do in the woods, filed, or on the water, when no one is watching."
Just how responsible are you when you hunt? Do you obey the rules or stretch them a little hoping to obatin an advantage?
If you do violate, remember you must answer yourself. And if you have a youngster along what kind of lesson are they getting through your illegal behavior.
See, like most things in life, these things just continue to be handed down. Be sure what you are handing down are a respect for the resource.

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