Monday, November 23, 2009

When you stop and think about it, deer season is a long one. It goes for several months and offers a variety of hunting style.
Archery season kicks it off, followed by firearms, back to archery that is interspersed with muzzleloading.
Some of us hunt all of them, while others like to hunt one or two. It's that choice that makes it truly great. Without it, we would be enjoying fewer seasons and opportunity on the hunt.
Anti would love that. Not so many years back they tried to eliminate bear hunting. Known around the state as "the bear imitative," through a lot of hard work, along with getting the word out, the measure was defeated.
It's too bad these groups haven't come together to help pass a dove hunting bill. Even if you choose not to hunt this wily bird, others should be given the chance.
That's what it's all about. Having the choices available to us. We get to choose to say yes or no, not some special interest group doing it for us.

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