Monday, November 16, 2009

Deer opner in North Oakland County

Up north type deer camps may have been put on hold what with A Sunday opener. All that could change this next week when many hunters are expected to head north to their favorite spots, find a stump and sit.
Predictions were for greater hunting pressure in northern Oakalnd and Lapeer counties. Those predictions have been right on.
The deer check station at Holly was very busy Sunday with many nice bucks brought in. And car counts around the game area including Highland and Lapeer were up.
For the most part, hunters seemed enthusiastic about conditions. Although Sunday was damp, it wasn't the usual bitter cold of past openers. Many hunters stayed in the woods throughout the day, coming out at dark.
There are still plenty of deer and good deer hunting left. This might be the time to ask permsiion to hunt private land.
Farmers have been out picking corn menaing deer will be on the move and had less paces to hide. Have a safe hunt!

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