Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Safety considerations for deer hunters

The November 15 firearms deer opener is nearly here. Many hunters are preparing for deer camp loading up groceries, sleeping bags and anything else that will make up what each considers camp.
Remember the hunters orange. Besides being a law, it's the safe and smart thing to do. A lot of hunters go with the minimum-maybe just an orange hat.
But in this case the more you wear the better other hunters will see you. With the woods crowded especially in southeast Michigan, it just makes sense to stand out.
Don't forget a light. You might be going to the stand or coming from it in dark. Carry a light and use it. There are still hunters that blaze away at noise. If you have a light turned on, you're announcing you are not a four-legged critter.
Finally, know your target. Don't shoot at noise like the example above. You can't hunt or shoot during dark hours so wait, identify your target and know what is behind it before pulling the trigger.
You treestand hunters have your own set of safety concerns. Unload that firearm before hauling it up into the stand. Do the same when coming down. Remember to climb with a belt and wear it at all times while aloft.
You'll want a harness that supports you in an upright position in the event of a fall-one that doesn't cut circulation and oxygen off.
Have a safe hunt. P.S. If you get a nice buck, email me at Be sure and get a picture that may by useable in a publication. That means no sign of blood and keep the tongue inside the mouth!

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