Thursday, March 4, 2010

Asian carp meeting

Today's story-March 4-dealt with a pnanel disccussion with some experts and people knowledgeable about the Asian carp problem.
Over the past month or so I've written weekly stories about Asian carp, the problems they could cause if they are allowed into the Great lakes, the monetary concerns, and some suggested solutions.
Someone beore me said, "this is like peeling an onion. There are layers and layers." It's true in this case. every day brings more information, new technology, and additional learning. One can only imagine what scientists and biologists must go through as they attempt to come up with a workable solution that will satisfy all parties concerned.
There is no quick fix. This is going to take some time. But time doesn't seem to be one thing we have in our favor. Not with Asian carp knocking at the door into the Great Lakes.
Someone, the U.S. Supreme Court who has a suit before it, the Army Corp of Engineers, the people that have the say on closing the locks in Chicago thereby keeping this invasive species out, and the President, who controls the purse strings and ultimately decided when and how dollars will be spent.
This is no longer a Michigan issue. Nor is it a political issue. But it is an issue of safeguarding our valuable sportfishing and recreation industry. So much is at stake not only in terms of the loss of the best sportfishing in the country, but the devastating affect such an introduction would have on jobs and Michigan economy, already at a low point.
Whether you fish or not, please take the time to email, write a postcard, or call your representative or legislature asking them to support action to control Asian carp. Your kids and grandchildren will think you.

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  1. may be too late to close the barn door.
    But lets hope our state and federal agencies and sportsmen and general public will give it one hell of try. And we need to work togeather on this! Independents. Republicans. Democrats. The carp dont care on fin or tail flap about our affiliations.