Friday, April 30, 2010

Fishing Memories

While this week's column dealt with the school of birding at Nettie Bay Lodge, son Matt and I were enjoying bird watching while throwing flies to small trout.
Fishing the South Branch of the AuSable River, we waded in thin water after equally thin fish. Bugs were hatching all over the place. Could they be hendricksons, caddis or something else? I'm at a loss with bug ID and equally at a loss with fly selection.
I'm one of those that ties on something that looks good to me and start fishing it. Matt picked right up where he left off over ten years ago.
He learned wading and fly casting at the hand of the late Frank Love, guide, but more importantly, a great friend. The two would spend hours talking about fishing, life, and more fishing.
The good thing for Matt was they got in the river and practiced a lot of what Frank tried to impart. The lessons were well placed.
How good was this trip? Matt wants to come back next year and bring his wife along to fish. Being German, she's not fished as that country has strict rules about who fishes.
Here's looking forward to another year on the stream with Matt.

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