Monday, May 23, 2011

AIM-New tournament kid on the block

AIM-Anglers Insight Marketing has taken up where the now defunct PWT-Professional Walleye Tour-ended and is moving tournament fishing forward with it's CPR-Catch, Photograph, Record, Release format.
   While there is still a "weigh-in" of sorts with anglers and their co-anglers on-stage to give a brief rundown of the day's catch, there are no fish brought in to be photographed and weighed.
   That is all done through measurements that are calculated to provide weights. Out on the water, the angler photographs the catch against the backdrop of an official tournament ruler, records the dimensions and releases the fish.
   This has cut down on dead fish arriving at weigh-ins after being tossed around in a live well for several hours.
    While the tournament is going on, photos of the days catches along with video of the action on the water is available for viewing either at, or should you be in attendance at one of the AIM tournaments, you'll be able to see the action stage side from one of the large screens provided for this purpose.
   AIM and it's professional anglers will return to Michigan, June 2 for the second Bay Mills Casino Invitational. Launch and weigh-in's will be at Bay Mills. For more information visit

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