Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden gone-Whose taking his place

Still half asleep, trying to wake up with that first cup of coffee, the TV was showing one of it's constant "Alert" messages we have become accustomed to seeing.
   But right under it in the space for the "crawl messages" came the one that did more than the morning cup of Joe to wake me. The one that said Bin Laden was dead. That our guys had got him.
   That definitely is cause for celebration and to give thanks. Thanks to all of those who have sacrificed, put in the time and took the responsibility to bring this very bad person to justice.
   Ever since 9-11 and the horrific events associated with it, our country and lives have changed drastically, and all due to one person.
   Now, it becomes very important not to relax into any kind of tranquil calm. Keep vigilant should be the watchword. For as sure as today is today, you have to know there is someone already to take his place.
   Staying ahead of whatever lies before us now will be another challenge. This time around, we don't know who that next-in-line will be.
   But it's just about a sure thing that somebody is already ready to step up and make another name for himself.
   Enjoy the victory, but keep it in perspective by staying alert.

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