Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too much rain equals more mosquitoes

   April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. May usually signals the month for the garden to be planted, and new flowers added.
   Is wet as it's been, these chores will surely have to wait. But once we get a day or so of warm weather without rain be ready for an all out attack of the Michigan Air Force, as my daughter-in-law calls mosquitoes.
   They'll be out in great numbers that's for sure. Scientists say rain and standing water are the things that make for mosquito populations to increase.
   Along those lines, it has been said that long cold winters have an affect on mosquitoes making for fewer bugs in the warm months.
   From a purely unscientific observation, I haven't found this to be true. Cold winter, warm winter, whatever the winter, those suckers come back each spring and summer with a vengeance.
   Bloodthirsty doesn't adequately describe their behavior once it gets warm. Having starved during a long winters hibernation, they are no doubt on the prowl for fresh, red blood.
   And they find it rather easily in our backyards, around pools and lakes, anyplace there are people trying to enjoy themselves before being shut in again for the year.
   Keep the bug dope handy, get a couple of white, long sleeved shirts and a hat, then get ready to try and defend yourself.

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