Monday, October 10, 2011

Feral swine another hunting opportunity

   I wonder if outfitters in the south that base their hunts on wild boar are feeling the pinch in business due to the availability of feral swine right here in Michigan?
   Various friends of mine, for years, have booked trips to hunt wild hogs in swampland and other desolate places at a chance to take one of these critters.
   While I've not hunted them, I have tasted the finished product and found it to be nothing like what we associate with the taste of pork.
   Several times on visits to Germany to see our son and his wife, we've been the guests of good friends for dinner.
   Usually that was wild boar, cooked until it practically falls apart, the meat is delicious. I have no idea if it compares to these wild hogs running loose in Michigan.
   Hunting for wild boar or feral hogs as they are referred to, opens up another hunting opportunity. The current thinking is these critters need to be at the least, thinned out due to the destruction they cause to crops and wildlife.
   While you are on stand waiting for a whitetail to waltz in, be sure to keep an eye open for a hog. You might just get another shot.
   A current hunting license is all you need. There is no season on wild hogs. Good hunting!

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