Friday, October 14, 2011

Jerry Dennis deserves space on the bookshelf

   Well not Jerry Dennis physically. He's a big guy and wouldn't fit. Besides, you would need one of those industrial, warehouse size shelves to perch him on.
   He does deserve space as one of Michigan's finest writers. The award winning author of several books including From A Wooden Canoe, The River Home, A Place on the Water, It's Raining Frogs and Fishes, and others, he has a brand new book just out.
   "The Windward Shore, A Winter On The Great Lakes", 160 pages, and published by The University of Michigan Press, welcomes winter on the shores of the Great Lakes, Jerry Dennis style.
   It's the style part of his writing that draws the reader in creating that interest that makes putting a book down a not-too-pleasant task.
   Spending time with Dennis through a book is entertaining, highly educational, and very fulfilling, making the reader crave more.
   Come along with Jerry Dennis as he explores Michigan in the winter, almost always from a borrowed cabin anywhere from the Keweenaw on south.
   He'll take you on winter hikes, share his thoughts about ice formations; even the noise or lack of it that surrounds winter in the outdoors.
   If you haven't read a Jerry Dennis book yet, by all means start with this one. "The Windward Shore" will not disappoint you.
   After that, you'll no doubt dust space off the shelf for a few other Dennis' titles. Happy reading.

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