Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Best weather of the year, here now

Take advantage of these sunshine, cool, fall days and get outside. Instead of being cold, damp, or wet, duck hunters should have a great time alongside their favorite four-legged hunting companion what with all of the great weather on the horizon.
   Here's a partial list of some fun things to do while the weather is still on our side: Head for one of the local parks; Holly Revreation Area, Independence Oaks or Kensington Metro Park for some great hiking, bird watching, picnic, or tossing the football.
   If you go to Kensington, you're a canoe paddle or two from Heavener's Canoe Rental location practically across the road from Proud Lake Recreation Area.
   A fall paddle on the Huron River is an enjoyable and relaxing outing this time of the year. Rent a canoe from Alan Heavner-he and his family have been in the business for a long time-take a lunch and your camera and you're good to go. Heavner will pick you up once you decide the length of your trip.
   There's no need to make this a marathon session either. Shorter paddles are great for newcomers and offer some spectacular viewing.
   Kensington Metro Park's farm center can be a beehive of activity this time of the year what with hay rides, seeing all the farm animals, and checking out the park's pumpkin crop.
   We won't get many more days like this before the really cold stuff sets in. Better get all of the outdoors activity you can in while the getting is still good!

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  1. Our Oakland County Oak Parks are a real bargain as far as a place for families to get outdoors to a clean environment. They are also the only place were if you like to metal detect as a hobby, there are no restrictions to look for coins on land. Many of the state parks only allow you to detect in parking lots which are paved. Wonder who thought of this silly rule? Check out the DNR rules on metal detecting in state parks. The Oak Parks are also the cleanest parks in the county with lots to do and see. The fall colors are worth the trip. Take a jug of apple cider and mellow out at one of the many picnic tables.