Monday, October 24, 2011

Medical update

Just got out of the hospital. Re-admitted last Sunday as the infection in my arm had worsened. In the operating room they cleaned the wound out going deeper and sending tissue along with culture samples to be analyzed.
   The good news is the antibiotics that I receive through a pick line daily seem to be finally working. Bu the way, a pick line is a catheter that runs from above my elbow through the shoulder and into the chest. It eliminates an IV and makes the process of delivering meds and taking blood a lot easier.
   Now for the bad news. The tendon that was repaired wasn't in good shape to being with. There wasn't much of it to work with.
   It has torn and can't be repaired. This translates into about a 50 percent loss in the use of my right arm. Once we get the infection controlled, therapy will resume and the thinking is muscles around the shoulder can be strengthened to allow me more range of motion.
   However, doing anything that requires reaching over my head will be out. My surgeon assures me I can fish and paddle a kayak.
   I'm already trying to figure out how to do some of these things left handed. They say where there's a will there's a way. I've definitely got the will.
   Thank you all so much for your calls and messages of concern. They have meant a lot.


  1. Roger I will pray for a speedy recovery. Those physical therapists sometimes should wear black hoods so we can't see who they are.

  2. Roger I hope you can use the left arm for casting. I enjoy using a long fiberglass pole for panfish. Remember the old cane poles we could buy from sporting goods stores? Cars of yesterday were made for attracting poles to them, not these slippery things made today.