Friday, March 2, 2012

Mentored Hunting-chance for cheating?

   A mentor is hunting with a 10-year-old. The mentor is charged with teaching not only hunting skills, but ethics in the woods and field.
   It goes back to "what do you do in the woods when no one is around," that helps to account for the reputation you get as a conscientious outdoors person.
   Bend the rules by taking game out of season, having too many limits in possession, or using illegal methods to take game gives one the name of poacher.
   Friends, hunting and fishing companions and others who enjoy the outdoors and follow it's traditions in an ethical way wouldn't be caught hunting or sharing a boat with you.
   But back to the hunting scenario. Now a deer wanders into the shooting area. Will you take the shot to fill your tag, or use your companions tag to take a deer that should have been the youngsters shot?
   Charlie Mann from Hunters Creek Club hit the nail on the head when he said they hunt should be about the kids and not the mentor.
   "They have to leave their chance to hunt at home and be sure this is a day and time for the person they are mentoring," he said.
   Teaching a youngster how to hunt safely and intelligently are important. But so is being ethical and doing this right. Big lessons and huge responsibility for those that take it seriously.

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