Monday, May 20, 2013

Kayaking fishing popularity holds it's own

   Anytime a kayak angler pulls up to a boat ramp and starts the process of unloading, a group of curious bystanders show up. That's great. The more that are interested and ask questions, the better for the sport.
   Getting the yak ready to go in the water is different then backing your Lund or Ranger into the ramp.
   First of all, these app-species boats are usually loaded to the hilt with every bit of conceivable gear you can image.
   No trips to the truck for rods, tacks, pfd's coolers, fish finders or anything else that is fishing related. It's already loaded and ready to go.
   So are the clothes, Fowl weather gear, rain sues, sweat shirts and boots all have their place and whether they are used or not, they are there just in case.
   But with limited space on a kayak you have to pick and choose what you're going to take on a particular trip.
   Tackle is always a problem for me. I go through it all and think I better take this just in case. Or with plastics, maybe some creature baits, worms and smaller stuff like Berkley Gulp minnows.
   I haven't even gotten to rods and reels, bug dope, snacks, and spare clothing in case the weather change.
   Am I going to be out at night? Then I need to take my stern light along so other boats will be able to see me.
   Keeping things dry and accessible is another thing you need to plan on. This is what makes the sport so much fun.
   All the tinkering that goes on in garages in preparation for the net trip. When you hit the water you might see someone with six or eight rods on his boat.
   For someone like me two is usually about right. One final thing to think about is how far is it to the water from where you drop your boat?
   If it's a public launch, no problem. But if you have to go through grass and sand to get to where you're going, a boat cart is going o be essential.
   See it never ends. In fact my wife just asked me if I needed this tackle bag in the living room. Of course I do. I'm, going through a little reorganization!

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