Friday, May 3, 2013

Thanks for all of your kind words and concern

   I'm overwhelmed at all of the heartfelt response I've gotten from here and out-of-state regarding my present physical condition, namely early into bladder cancer. It's more appreciated than anyone of you will ever know. You don't feel so alone once you start hearing from people.
   My urologist, Robt. Badalament, MD had advised me to take it easy for a month. "Nothing physical. Don't pick up anything more than 10 pounds," he said.
   I asked him if it was okay to go fly fishing. He had a long thought about it before saying, "Okay, but be careful."
   Heeding his advice, I've been pretty stagnant since my operation. The reason for the precautions has to do with a weakening in the bladder in the area the tumor was removed. Apparently, it wouldn't take much to tear the bladder wall leading into more complications.
   My annual spring trip to urologist Ulrich Ringwald also gave me hope and a good feeling. Ringwald is a large man; well over six feet tall, and he has a voice you can hear throughout his office.
   He likes me I think because I talk golf with him and try to speak a little German, his native language. I explained my situation with the cancer.
   He suddenly leaned forward and loudly said, "Roger, each day you wake up you should say I'm lucky. Forget about anything else. Don't worry and get on with your life."
   Easy to do doc, but I know myself and know I'm doing better.
Thanks to all you reader who have been bored to death by my physical problems. Now, lets get into morel mushroom pickings, something a little more pleasant.

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  1. Hope you catch a lot of fish on what ever fly you use. I am trying to use my rubber spiders on the bluegills.