Monday, May 20, 2013

Protect your eyes-wear good sunglassesg

   This Sunday, I wrote about kayaking and that it was an activity that senior citizens could enjoy without costing an arm and a leg.
   One piece of equipment that is a necessity whether on the water or hiking a trail is good eye protection. The powerful rays of the sun can do damage to eyes that are not protected.
   Watch Prince Fielder or Magglio Ordonez take the field. Even with apparent low light visibility, you'll notice they all wear sunglasses of some sort.
   The next Bassmaster event or pro walleye tournament, the anglers fishing would no more think of leaving the dock without shades as they would head for open water leaving rods at the launch.
   Guideline Eyegear are polarized-100% UVA and UVB protection. Plus, frames are constructed from 54% bio based (castor bean) polymer material.
   But enough of the numbers and scientific talk. I have a pair and was able to give them a test while kayak fishing.
   They were wonderful; lightweight and gave me that ability to see through the surface to a point underneath like other glasses do. As soon as I got to the ramp, they went in a case then a pocket on my vest.
   If you purchase a pair be sure and get a pair of croakies, those neck lanyards that attach to glasses. You never know when you might take a swim and loose a good pair of glasses.
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