Friday, July 5, 2013

Archery, great sport that isn't a team effort

   Oakland County Sportsmen's Club will hold it's 40th annual Bow Hunter Jamboree August 10-11. Call the club at (248) 623-0444 for more information.
   The name of the event may be a bi misleading. Whether you hunt or not doesn't make any difference. If you are a beginner that's fine too.
   The purpose is to get you outside in simulated hunting conditions, improve or learn new skills, and have fun while doing it.
   You're allowed one arrow per target. Targets are made up to appear as deer, bear, and other wild game.
   Distances to targets are all different. It's up to the shooter to figure out how far it is to the target and even the correct angle.
   Some shots will be high, some low, and at least one at a long distance. That's all good and fun. But I think the best part is no one sits on the bench because he or she isn't good enough to participate.
   This is a sport that invites participation from one and all. Whether you shoot bulls eyes regularly or miss the target often, you're more than welcome.
   If you decide you would like to learn more about archery, there are many different leagues open throughout the year with certified instructors there to show you the correct way to shoot.
   Whether you hunt or shoot at a target, archery is a fun activity. Give it a try.

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