Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weather is the hot topic

Excuse the intended pun but that sees to be on every ones mind. Golfers can't get out because the courses are too wet and carts would do considerable damage. If you are a walking golfer you'll need waders.
   While fishing seems to be off and running in Lake St. Clair, especially the smallmouth bite, northern rivers aren't producing the way they should be.
   I haven't been on any of our local lakes to see what's biting. By the looks at ramps though, they seem to be pretty well deserted.
   Once I get a few things sorted in the garage, I'll get one of the kayaks down and get out for a personal   experience.
   Don' forget the Oakland County Archery Jamboree coming up in early August. Call the club at (248) 623-0444.
   This is a good way to get into the swing of bow hunting which isn't that far off. In fact it wouldn't hurt to get an idea on where you plant to hunt now, then get out soon and do some scouting.
   Just remember to wear long sleeves and a hat. And bring plenty of OFF along.

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