Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Health issues slowing the writing process

   First, thanks to all of you for your kind thought and prayers. It really was nice that so many voiced concern over me recent bladder cancer diagnosis.
   To get you caught up, I finished ( I hope) my last chemo treatment about three weeks ago. Those of you that have gone through chemo understand how it leaves you with no energy and very fatigued. It's work just to sit at the computer and write some days.
   This Friday I go in for a check up to see what the chemo has done. This is a scope procedure that goes directly into the bladder. The advantage is the doctor can see right then in real time what's going on.
   If there are any more tumors, how the site of the original tumor looks, and what effects did the chemo have on the overall condition.
   The disadvantage is that this a very uncomfortable procedure. You are wide awake for the entire thing.
   Believe me, I've tried deep breathing and convincing myself to try and relax, that it will be over soon. But there comes that moment when it's go time. I gripped every part of that table I can and try to stay still.
   So that is briefly an update on where I'm at. It's on my mind almost constantly. I've had sweaty palms just thinking of the procedure and try to tell myself that it will be over before I know it.
   I haven't learned any secret fixes but did find out that if you ever smoked in the past, you could be a candidate for bladder cancer. Apparently, the chemicals from smoking all find their way there eventually and begin a build up.
   Some smokers won't be affected. I quit smoking 35 years ago and boom, got the surprise of my life in March when a cancer diagnosis was made.
   If you smoke, do everything you can to quit. And if you don't good for you. It's one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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  1. Hang in there Roger, we are praying for your speedy recovery. I learned I had to stop having salt on my eggs and steak and now have to go to dialysis. That's no fun either.