Monday, November 11, 2013

Cold weather, just in time for deer opener

Those dedicated, die-hard, veteran hunters will welcome the colder weather headed our way for the foreseeable future along with predictions of snow.
Tracking snow it's often referred to. The kind of snow that allows hunters to find deer they have shot. More often than not, deer run after being hit by an arrow or a round from a firearm.
That's why it's important to sit tight after shooting. Any quick movement on the part of the hunter trying to pursue a whitetail is a recipe for pushing that animal further into thick cover.
Once you shoot, try to remember exactly where you last saw the deer before it disappeared. Sitting for a few minutes affords the deer to run, usually a short distance, before it lays down.
The snow-fresh or not-allows the hunter to follow a blood trail easier than trying to find it in leaves that often make tracking difficult to say the least.
Remember, once you shoot, take the time to have a cup of coffee, eat a sandwich or an apple before attempting to find that down whitetail.

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