Friday, November 1, 2013

Trash-Ease makes collecting refuse easy outdoors

It's such a simple looking device, I wonder why no one thought of it sooner. Trash-Ease is a round metal frame that clamps to the end of a picnic table or other flat surface.
Depending on the size-13 or 33 gallon-hang the corresponding plastic trash bag on the frame and you've got handy trash collection ready, waiting and nearby.
Gone are the days of laying a bag on the ground then having to chase it in the wind or continually open it to dump unwanted stuff into it.
This should be a simple, easy to use solution to a problem most of us have experienced when tailgating, camping, having a picnic or entertaining on the back deck or patio.
 Made in the USA, the sturdy design of the Trash-Ease makes it durable enough to be taken
and used everywhere on a daily basis, while its slim, lightweight and one-piece design allows it to be transported and stored easily in a closet, shelf, trunk, camper cubby or nearly any other similar storage location without the need for tools.  Each Trash-Ease comes packaged with 2 standard drawstring garbage bags in the same size as the model of Trash-Ease.
No need to purchase special trash bags.  The powder coated and rubber dipped exterior protects against damage to surfaces where the Trash-Ease is attached. For more information visit trash

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