Friday, November 29, 2013

Need grocers for a good hunting camp

Just returned from hunting the Roscommon area and Gladwin County without touching so much as a hair on a whitetail.
While the weather was cold and blowing hard, we hunkered down, especially in he afternoon to hunt until dark. Not a sound to be heard nor was there any movement to be seen.
The deer were hunkered down like us, waiting of the wind to abate maybe so they could hear any strange sounds they weren't used to.
Back at camp, we broke open a package of venison salami from Michigan Venison Company, headquartered in Traverse City,
Now, practically any deer camp comes prepared with the requisite steaks, eggs, bacon, cheese and crackers, along with a supply of venison sausage that can range from so-so to down right inedible.
The summer sausage with had had from Michigan Venison was the most mild, soft, tender, and great tasting summer sausage I have had in a long time.
Whether it's deer camp or siting around watching the game, your must try this excellent tasting sausage.
Check their website at for more information, More stores are planned for southern Michigan,

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