Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rain, wind helps hunters

That's right. Rain and wind will benefit hunters by getting all those leaves off the trees which helps hunters see game much better than trying to peer through all those leaves.
My front yard is covered in what has blown down. One good raking and it all goes into the compost pile where it will eventually make it's way into the garden.
Almost one week ago, my router decided to die leaving me inter net less. No email too! Just this afternoon a new writer and cable box arrived. After continued calls to my cable service, bingo,  we were off and running.
With kids scattered around the world, we depend on email, Facebook and Skype to stay in touch. Of course there is the phone. But we've gotten used to using these other means as well.
With the firearms deer opener right around the corner, many hunters are busy planning this year's deer camp.
My neighbors headed north a few days ago. They don't hunt the firearms season; instead they are very dedicated bow hunters no doubt enjoying some time in the woods before the largest peacetime army heads north.
Good luck to all of you this hunting season. Make it a safe one!

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