Friday, January 17, 2014

Cold, snow, ice and remote locations make for difficult internet connections

Just back from the extreme end of the UP; Lake Gogebic to be exact in weather a polar bear would stay denned up in.
Everyone in our group trying to send and receive emails or get on the net were having difficulty. The signal would come and go depending on what the wind wished to do.
The favorite word around Mark Martin's fish camp was "brutal." That in a nutshell described the conditions we experienced on the ice trying to stick a few fish.
Next up is Mark Martin's Ice fishing school on Saginaw Bay out of Linwood. Closer to home, it attracts anglers from downstate.
A word about these schools is in order. Lots of folks sign up to go fishing with Martin who is he original walleye champ on the PWT circuit. He's known for his informative seminars, availability to audiences and the ability to catch fish when no one else can't.
During these schools, Martin makes himself available at pre-fishing seminars, then once on the ice, he gets around from shack to shack offering advice and tips about how to fish better.
Not everyone comes away with a sack of keepers. There are some who are down in the mouth because fishing wasn't what they expected.
Just because you are fishing with a competent, qualified professional like Martin, doesn't necessarily mean the fish are going to jump in the hold the moment you clean one out.
In ice fishing, there is much moving around to try and locate schools of fish or structure. Even then there is no guarantee. Some fish hit short, others don't like the presentation; the list goes on and on.
But believe me, every effort is to see first of all that you are safe, next you are rigged up properly and using the correct baits, and finally every effort is made to see that you make some catches.
Don't forget, I'm with you. I've been on the ice for 10 hours and never had a bump.
The most important thing you can take away from these trips is to learn how it's down the right way. And ask plenty of questions whether they are walleye related or not.
The next and final stop for this year will be February 9-12. For more information visit or call (231)744-0330 or (231) 740-6427. Hope to see you on the ice.
Mark Martin and Tim Long with two inch fish.

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