Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold weather for the western UP is an understatement

BERGLAND-Weather for this western Upper Peninsula village is predicted to be well below zero overnight.
Tomorrow, Monday is the first day if Mark Martin's Ice Fishing School on Lake Gogebic. Weather predictions including wind chill are anywhere from -29 degrees to -75.
Talking to anglers that fished today in portable shanties, propane tanks froze up, flames on portable heaters dwindled to about the size of a quarter, and augured holes froze up nearly as fast as they were drilled.
The best of clothing including several layers didn't make much difference. Cold is still cold especially when it gets this far below zero.
Everyone has rods rigged, lures tied on and tackle sorted out, hopefully to be put to use tomorrow. Many in the school don't plan on being out on the ice all day because of the extreme conditions expected.
Forget changing lures or re-tying in the event of breaking off on a fish or a snag. Trying to tie a spoon on without gloves will be impossible with the cold wind blowing across bare skin.
This is the first fishing trip I've ever been on when catching fish doesn't seem to be that important. Trying to stay warm is a bigger concern.

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