Monday, January 20, 2014

Saginaw Bay to welcome ice fishing school

The final Ice Fishing Vacation School this year will be held February 9-12 on Saginaw Bay. Catching fish is probably more secondary on this body of water. That's because of it's changing conditions.
People ask me where to fish on the Bay. My answer is either to check with a good, local, reliable bait shop like Frank's Great Outdoors in Linwood or talk to someone that lives near the water and fishes it regularly.
That's because the route you took yesterday or two days ago to get to you spot may be open water the next time you fish it.
It's a must to have a compass or GPS and know how to use them. "We are always looking for pressure cracks in the ice," school leader Mark Martin said.
"The cracks we cross going out in the morning may not be very large. But by the time we come in; usually after dark, wind may have caused them to open up too wide to cross meaning we have to find another way to cross to get back to shore."
It's important everyone stays together and doesn't start wandering off to check other locations.
Sunday will be check in day along with some seminars from the pro staff consisting of how they have fished the bay, what they used and how they were rigged up.
Be prepared to have your ice rod and reel and whatever lures you think you'll use with you. At the end of the program everyone will get a chance to rig up under the guidance of the staff so that you're ready to go the next morning.
For more information on the school visit or call (231) 744-0330 or (231)740-6427.
Mark Martin holding yellow disc working with student on equipment rigging.

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