Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Definitely different New Year Eve

Actually, my New Years eve began about 11a.m. the day before New Years. I picked my grandson Josh Chekal up and drove to the Pontiac Airport.
About a year ago my children had given me a gift certificate for a flight. Knowing how much I like airplanes and flying it was very appropriate.
Also knowing Josh had never been in a small plane, I figured he would enjoy the experience. Arriving at DCT (Dreams Come True) aviation, we were met by out instructor pilot, Bob Krebaum. He's just 20, but the Howell resident already has his sight set on a career in flying and has racked up more than 700 hours.
At the place, Josh got the back seat while I got front left, the place normally reserved for the captain!. "I'll take off and land but the rest of the time the plane and flying is yours," Krebaum said.
A short, smooth take off and I was at the controls. Krebaum explained almost non-stop what was happening, what to pay attention to and pointing out areas on the ground like Great Lakes Crossing, that we were flying over.
In no time, the flight was over. I should mention that each of us had a headset and mouth piece so we could talk with each other and listen to instructions from the ground.
If you've never flown in a private plane and think you might have an interest give DCT a call at (248)666-1800 or visit and ask for a introductory flight. It's a great way to see if flying is for you.
Grandson Josh and pilot Bob Krebaum

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