Friday, April 25, 2014

Cold conditions for pre-tournament fishing on Detroit River

The last day of tournament practice for the kick off of the Cabelas walleye tournament was cold to say the least.
"Better bring your ice fishing stuff. I've got mine," longtime professional Mark Martin said. He was right about the weather. For most of Thursday morning we needed all the close we had with us.
Just before practice officially ended at noon, the sun came up and warmed things up a bit. At launch time it was 41-degrees, with water temperatures not much higher.
We fisher several spots Martin felt would be holding fish for the tournament. Some were producers while others were duds.
"Many of the big spawners have left there river," Martin commented. "There are still some smaller ones hanging around, but it might be a tough bite."
Choice of tackle was fairly easy. Whatever jigs you use seemed to work so along as they were running straight down to the bottom. "Color is the last consideration" he said.
During our time on the Detroit River we had several hard strikes and even got a couple up alongside the boat.
Hopefully they will still be around for the weekend when it all counts.
Mark Martin holding a nice walleye.

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