Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ice fishing is over Glen Uhl says

Glen Uhl, the sunshine man for the Oakland County Sportfishing Association declared that he has stored his ice fishing gear. "There is no more ice," Uhl said.
Glad he made that announcement, Spring is definitely here if he has the spud and shanty stored. But in the meantime, winter hasn't quite let go of its hold.
We get one nice day then a couple with the wind howling and the temperatures going through the basement.
With work to get done indoors, I haven't had a chance to do any yard work, not to mention that fishing organization I frequently mention.
Thursday will be a pre-fish day with my pal Mark Martin. He's been doing quite well on the Detroit River pre-fishing for the Cabelas walleye tournament this weekend.
"I can't talk long," Martin said when I reached him on the river. "I'm going to be winding another in in just a second."
So, the good news is the walleye are in the river, The bad news is it's still cold out there.

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