Friday, April 11, 2014

Signs of spring

I always look for red wing blackbirds and listen for their songs. That is my most telling sign that spring has arrived. They have shown up in my backyard scattering bird seed hither and yon.
Going out to get the paper the one morning, I noticed night crawlers on the drive following an overnight shower.
The annual No-Mo fishing kayak tournament set for May 18 is right around the corner. In fact several of us are getting together this weekend to work on boats, add new gadgets, and exchange war stories of past tourneys.
This year will be the fifth annual to benefit Make-A-Wish foundation. So far $4,000 has been raised.
I've fished all but one of the events and haven't brought anything in to be considered as prize worthy.
There is no official weigh in at this event. Called a CPR-catch, photograph, release-tournament, the angler brings in his camera with an SD card showing the fish laying on an official ruler. So far, I've turned my ruler in each year, dry as a bone.
Any boat that is propelled by paddle is allowed in this event. To enter go to and download the entry form or send an email to Chris LeMessurier at
See you on the water.
Kayaker landing a salmon

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