Thursday, January 8, 2015

Be extra careful on river ice

The DNR warns anglers that while fishing rivers through the ice may be productive it can also be potentially dangerous. That's due to moving water that has difficult freezing enough to allow for ice fishing.
You definitely need a pfd on river ice and absolutely should know the rive, it's currents, and any other pertinent local information to help give you a safe day.
Wear creepers and carry ice picks and a rope. Let someone know where you will be fishing and when you intend to be off the ice.
Slush or snow on ice is a warning that the ice may be unsafe. Stay off the ice in those conditions. When you do go out, wear bright colored clothing and carry a cell phone.
Keep an eye out for large cracks or depressions and avoid those areas. Places like Saginaw Bay are famous for cracks that form, getting larger as the day goes on.
Because you are over moving water remember that it doesn't freeze as uniform ally as lake ice does.
If you do fall through, turn back in the direction you came from as that ice may be stronger. If you have ice picks a screwdriver or even a pen, drive the item into the ice to give you some kind of hand-hold.
Pull yourself onto the ice and remain prone, crawling until you get to thicker ice. Then get a call into 911 for help, warm clothing and heating up your core temperature.

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