Thursday, January 15, 2015

Think skiing is tough? Try juggling going downhill on the snow!

Tommy Tropic (Petrie) is a good downhill skier. Give him three bowling pins and the East Jordan resident will juggle them all the while negotiating turns, going downhill on the snow and talking to people, especially children on the way down.
Tropic has been juggling for 30 years and does it full time. "It's how I make my living," he said with his warm, big smile.
When he's not on the hill, he'll juggle and do magic tricks indoors at one of the slope-side restaurants or warming huts at Treetops Resort in Gaylord.
Even if you don't ski and can't stand winter, book a weekend-Tropic juggles on Saturday's-get in on some resort specials and head to Treetops.
Book your trip for January 24, 31, February 15, 21, and March 7 and ask about reserving your spot on    a Wilderness Sleigh Ride that includes a gourmet, four-course dinner at the Wilderness Cabin.Call (855) 222-5449 for more information or visit

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