Friday, January 2, 2015

Ultimate Fishing show rolls into town

Next weekend, January 9-11, the Ultimate Fishing Show makes its annual appearance in Novi. Fishing junkies need to get to one of these shows at least one year, if not more often.
In the fishing world, just when you think everything to use is out there, along comes a new type hook, always different bait colors and enough gadgets to make Ace Hardware jealous.
While these shows don't offer everything under the sun, they offer enough to keep people coming back each year.
I have always remarked on the relative ease and the lack of cost to learn all you can about any aspect of fishing by way of the numerous seminars presented around-the-clock during show hours.
I know this sounds like a broken record but come with a notebook and pen to take notes. Grab a program when you enter the show and check out which seminars you would like to attend.
The next part is up to you. Get to the seminar room a little early so you can get seated and settled. Then prepare yourself to learn something, just like going to school.
This is the only chance many of us will ever have to ask professionals in the fishing business any number of how to questions.
From what knot to use, when to use snaps or swivels, which colors work best under what conditions, and what methods produce the most fish.
Seminars at sport shows are the cake. The icing is all of the gear that travels with the show. It's up to you to get there, ask questions, take notes and come home a better educated angler.
Mark Martin, one of the seminar speakers holding a freshly caught Lake Gogebic walleye. By Beukema

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