Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Organization-Another key to ice fishing

Mike Schneider of Twin Lake is on the pro-staff working with Mark Martin's Ice Fishing Vacation Schools.
"I've known Mark for 30 years," the often quiet Schneider said. Hardly ever sitting down, Schneider can be found loading or unloading equipment, helping students and fellow anglers and is usually within talking distance of Martin to help with anything unexpected that comes up.
Last Sunday at the Town Pump in downtown Lake City, Schneider was the first of several seminar speakers.
"I'm going to talk about keeping organized and I'll leave fishing and rigging to the others," he said as he began his talk.
A fan of Plano or Rapala large, plastic tackle boxes that come with heavy foam covering the inside, Schneider explained why he likes these boxes.
"When I first started ice fishing, I had a bunch of really nice spoons and jigs loose in a large box. When I got home that day after fishing, I looked at the box and all I could see was lead-looking baits. All of the paint had been chipped off those expensive lures because they were banging together all day."
A good way to solve that problem is to cut small slits in the foam then insert a lure into the opening. Each lure has it's own spot and is protected by the foam which holds the bait tight to keep it from rattling around in the box.
"It's the details; the little things that make a difference in any kind of fishing," Schneider said. "This sport is a lot of work."
The night before fishing, Schneider goes through a check list that includes his clothing, safety gear and tackle.
Give it a try and save some dollars! (Mike Schneider speaks in seminar on ice fishing in Lake City) photo by Beukema

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