Thursday, March 11, 2010

ayak fishing tournament

If you own a kayak and like to fish, you're invited to fish the first Michigan touranment for kayaks.
Called the "No-Mo Kayak Fishing Challenge," the event will be held May 8 with a mandatory captains meeting May 7, 7p.m. at Riverside Kayak Connection (RKC) 4015 Billde Ave, Wyandotte, 7340285-2925 or No-Mo means no motors are allowed on competing kayaks.
Tournament hours and waters are as follows: From safe light until 3p.m. on water within a 10-mile radius of RKS. Waters fished must be open to the public.
This is a no bait CPR tournament. CPR stands for catch, photograph, and release. Anglers competing have the chance to win a brand new Wilderness Systems fishing kayak.
For more information or to register contact RKS or tournament director Chris LeMessurier,
This is a fun tournemant. All events including weigh-in, prizes and refreshments will take place at RKC.

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